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Maars Aqua 12 oz Skinny Mini Tumbler

Vendor : Maars Item #695631727572

Product Description

The 12 oz Skinny Mini Stainless Steel Tumbler is without a doubt the cutest travel tumbler on the market. Designed for those who enjoy the simple things in life like a high quality, fashionable tumbler that will keep your drinks as hot or cold as it's meant to be. Made with superb stainless steel, the 12 Skinny Mini Tumbler is everything you Need.

We custom powder coat all of our tumbler in our production facility in Central Florida. After the application of the powder coating, each tumbler in placed in a curing oven where, with the addition of heat, the coating chemically reacts to produce stock high density finish. Powder coating protects and provides a more durable finish than liquid paints can offer, while still providing an attractive finish.

Powder coated tumblers are more resistant to impacts, moisture and other standard wear issues. It's tough. It looks great. And it lasts a long, long time.

The Custom Designs are digitally printed on the to these Tumblers using the latest in UV Printing Technology. UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material, specially designed UV lights follow close behind, “curing” or “drying” the ink instantly.

Digital Printing on these tumblers will be permanent. Unlike regular decals or stickers, the design will permanently adhere to the tumbler. So no scratching, peeling, or fading. Due to the custom finish of our cups, they will need to be hand-washed. Lids are dishwasher safe.

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